2.10 Configuring the Oracle VM CLI

When Oracle VM Manager starts, it reads the CLI configuration file. The configuration file is located at:


You can change a number of options in the configuration file. These options are listed in this section.

Before you change any options in the configuration file, you should back up the original and change the permissions of the file to make it writeable:

# chmod +w /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/ovm_cli/config/CLIConfigParams.xml

Any changes to this configuration file require a restart of the CLI. See Section 2.1, “Starting and Stopping the CLI” for information on restarting the CLI.

2.10.1 SSH Port

By default, SSH connections to the CLI are allowed on port 10000. To change the port on which the CLI accepts connections, edit the sshPort="10000" line in the configuration file and change it to the port number you require.

2.10.2 Timeout

By default, connections to the CLI time out after 30 minutes. To change the timeout period for connections to the CLI client, edit the clientInactivityTimeout="30" line in the configuration file. Set the time out to be between 1-60 minutes. For security reasons, there is no option to disable the timeout period. Setting the value to less than 1 or greater than 60 causes the timeout value to revert to the default of 30 minutes.

In addition to this timeout option, you can use the ssh ServerAliveInterval option to stop an ssh client from timing out before the set timeout period. See the Tip in Section 2.2, “Connecting to the CLI” for more information on using this option.

2.10.3 Case Sensitivity

CLI commands are not case sensitive, so you can enter list vm, List VM, or any other variation in case.

Data values you use for objects in the CLI are case sensitive, so if a virtual machine has a name of MyVM, then you must use the same case when identifying it in the CLI and cannot use variations such as myvm.

2.10.4 Public Key Authentication Expiry

The connection channel for public key authentication expires after a designated period of time, or if Oracle VM Manager is restarted. The default for keeping the channel open is 1 week (10080 minutes). You can modify this setting by editing the publicKeyAuthChannelTimeout="10080" option in the configuration file. A value of -1 keeps the channel open indefinitely.

2.10.5 Lock Exceptions

When executing multiple concurrent CLI scripts, you may experience lock exceptions around shared resources such as file systems and storage repositories. By default, connections to the CLI time out after 20 seconds if an object that is being requested by the CLI command is locked. If a command fails due to a lock exception, the command is resubmitted 12 times to see if the lock has become free and the command can be executed. To help you tune the CLI to reduce lock exceptions, you can configure the amount of time a command waits for the lock to become free, and the number of times the command is resubmitted with the following options in the configuration file:

  • The lock time out period is defined by the lockExceptionRetryInterval="20" option. This option must be a value between 6 and 119 seconds, with the default being 20.

  • The number of retry attempts is defined by the lockExceptionRetryCount="12" option. This option must be greater than 0.