A.54 create VmCloneStorageMapping

Maps the storage for a virtual machine disk that should be used by a virtual machine clone customizer.


create VmCloneStorageMapping cloneType= { SPARSE_COPY | NON_SPARSE_COPY | THIN_CLONE } vmDiskMapping=value { physicalDisk=value | repository=value | storageArray=value } name=value [ description=value ] on vmCloneCustomizer instance

Where instance is:

{ id=value | name=value }


Maps the storage for a virtual machine disk that should be used by a virtual machine clone customizer. A disk mapping that is already used by virtual machine that is this clone customizer's parent must already exist.


The following table shows the available options for this command.




The type of clone storage that should be created.


The name or ID of an existing virtual machine disk mapping.

{ physicalDisk=value | repository=value | storageArray=value }

The name or ID of either a physicalDisk, repository or storageArray object where the clone disk is to be created. You must specify at least one of these options and its associated value.


A name to identify the clone storage mapping.


To find this name after virtual storage is mapped to a virtual machine clone customizer, use the list vmCloneStorageMapping command. You need the name or ID of this to delete a disk mapping from a virtual machine clone customizer with the delete vmCloneStorageMapping command.


Optional description for the clone storage mapping object. value is a maximum of 4,000 characters.

{ id=value | name=value }

The instance of the object using either the id or name option, for example name=MyVMCloneCustomizer.


Any create command only creates a single instance of an object, and therefore only accepts a single object instance as an attribute. Providing more than one object of the same attribute type as a parameter always results in the last attribute value taking precedence.


Example A.70 Creating a virtual machine clone storage mapping

OVM> create VmCloneStorageMapping name=BootDisk cloneType=SPARSE_COPY \
    vmDiskMapping=0004fb000013000096e5d46c5f5e6a52 repository=MyRepository \
    on VmCloneCustomizer name=MyVMCloneCustomizer

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