2.7 Passing in a CLI Command at the Command Line

If you want to run the CLI and pass in a simple command, append the command in quotes after the SSH login credentials, for example:

# ssh admin@hostname -p 10000 "list Server" 

You can submit multiple commands using a semicolon (;) as the command delimiter, for example:

# ssh admin@hostname -p 10000 "list Server; show Server name=MyServer" 

If you have enabled key-based authentication, you are not prompted for the password to access the CLI, and the results are displayed. If you have not, you must enter the CLI password before the results are returned. See Section 2.4, “Key-Based Authentication” for information on setting up key-based authentication. You can also use any other programming language to write scripts using the CLI as discussed in Section 2.9, “Integrating the CLI into Your Applications”.