Chapter 2 Introduction to the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface (CLI) provides a command line interface to communicate with Oracle VM Manager. You can use the CLI to perform many of the same functions as Oracle VM Manager, such as managing all your server pools and guest virtual machines. The CLI commands can be scripted to enable flexibility to help you deploy and manage your Oracle VM environment.

The CLI is installed when you install Oracle VM Manager, so you must have a working copy of Oracle VM Manager to use the CLI. The architecture of the CLI is shown in Oracle VM Architecture in the Oracle VM Concepts Guide.

When you make changes to the Oracle VM environment using the CLI, these changes are reflected in real time in the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface.

The Oracle VM Manager Web Interface includes additional logic over the CLI to make sure that actions performed within Oracle VM Manager do not result in configurations that may cause runtime errors. This additional logic is not available within the CLI, which provides greater flexibility, but requires a deeper understanding of Oracle VM object relationships.

The CLI does not replace the Oracle VM Utilities. The Oracle VM Utilities are complementary to the CLI. For information on the Oracle VM Utilities, see the Oracle VM Administrator's Guide.