A.33 create AntiAffinityGroup

Creates an anti affinity group in a server pool.


create AntiAffinityGroup name=value [ description=value ] on ServerPool instance

Where instance is:

{ id=value | name=value }


This command creates an anti affinity group in a server pool. To add a virtual machine to an anti affinity group, use the add Vm command. To remove a virtual machine from an anti affinity group, use the remove Vm command.


The following table shows the available options for this command.




A name to identify the anti affinity group.


Optional description for the anti affinity group. value is a maximum of 4,000 characters.

{ id=value | name=value }

The instance of the object using either the id or name option, for example name=MyServerPool.


Any create command only creates a single instance of an object, and therefore only accepts a single object instance as an attribute. Providing more than one object of the same attribute type as a parameter always results in the last attribute value taking precedence.


Example A.45 Creating an anti affinity group

OVM> create AntiAffinityGroup name=MyAAGroup on ServerPool name=MyServerPool

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