A.147 set

Sets configuration options for the CLI.


set { CommandMode= { Asynchronous | Synchronous } | CommandTimeout= value | EndlineChars= { CRLF | CR | LF } | OutputMode= { Verbose | Sparse | Xml } }


This command sets configuration options for the CLI.


The following table shows the available options for this command.



CommandMode= { Asynchronous | Synchronous }

Sets whether the CLI should be run in synchronous or asynchronous mode.

CommandTimeout= value

Sets when the CLI will timeout. value can be an integer between 1 and 43200.

EndlineChars= { CRLF | CR | LF }

Sets the end of line character to use for your SSH client, for example, if your SSH client adds a line feed (double spacing) to the end of a line, you can set the end of line characters to CR.

CRLF is used on Microsoft Windows systems, CR is used on early Apple systems, and LF is used on Linux, and Unix-like systems such a modern Apple systems.

OutputMode= { Verbose | Sparse | Xml }

Sets the output mode for command results. Verbose includes the command, status, time and time zone. Sparse returns just the results without the header files provided by Verbose. Xml returns the results in XML format.


Example A.197 Setting end of line characters

OVM> set EndlineChars=LF

Example A.198 Setting output mode to XML

OVM> set OutputMode=Xml