Events Report Group

Banqueting Equipment List - This report is a great tool especially for the banquet operations staff. It can be used to augment the Banquet Event Orders as a detailed document for any necessary equipment organization and setup.

Banqueting F&B Plan - This report is a great tool especially for the Banquet Chef and kitchen. It can be used additionally to the Banquet Event Orders or even instead of the Banquet Event Orders as a detailed document for any necessary food or beverage preparation and requirements.

Catering Current vs. Actual Report - This report allows a comparison of booked group room nights, revenue and covers versus picked-up group room nights, revenue and covers for actual bookings.

Catering Pace/Progress Reports - This report displays the catering production for a certain time period compared to budgeted covers and revenue for the same stay date period and another comparison to the production for the same stay date range last year. The produced covers, revenue and average checks are grouped by stay date periods (either calendar month or fiscal period, depending on the hotels configuration).

Catering Production Pace - This report calculates catering revenues and covers for up to three different statuses over a given date range, and can be grouped by Event Types, Meal Periods, or Market Segments. It can be used as a forecast report when leaving the production date range empty, or as a production report, when defining the required production date range.

Catering Progress (BI) - The Catering Progress (BI) report displays catering production or forecast grouped by Month, Meal Type, Event Type, or Market Segment with a comparison to the OBI Budgeted Covers and Revenue with an additional comparison to the figures for Same Time Last Year, Last Month, Last Week, or Yesterday.

Catering Summary Report - This production report calculates the catering revenue changes for all bookings that have had events created on a specified status, events which had their status changed to a specified status or events which were on the specified status before the production period, but had changes done to their revenue in the production period.

Cover Count Revenue Summary - This report will print catering covers and revenues as per defined meal periods. It can be ordered as a forecast report to find out how many catering covers to expect per meal period, for example the next week. Alternatively it also can be used to print the actual catering covers that have been generated per meal period in the past.

Daily Catering Forecast - This is a very detailed catering forecast report that allows printing the forecast figures per day per event type, divided into the selected revenue types. Each event is listed separately with a summary for each event type. It a great tool for the catering department to project their expected revenues in minute detail at any time for any time into the future.

Daily Menu Item List - This report provides a list of menu items with numbers expected, guaranteed, set and actual separately for each day of the selected date range.

Daily/Weekly List of Events - Detailed - This is a line report that is extremely useful as a daily or weekly communication tool to all departments in the hotel about upcoming catering events, the location where they are being helped, i.e., the function space, number of attendees, set- up style, etc. It is somewhat more detailed than it’s sister report ‘Daily / Weekly List of Events – Simple.

Daily/Weekly List of Events - This is a line report that is extremely useful as a daily or weekly communication tool to all departments in the hotel about upcoming catering events, the location where they are being helped, i.e., the function space, number of attendees, set-up style, etc.

Event Change Log - This report will display revenue and status changes that apply to events in the selected date range. These changes are recorded on a per change-day basis and split into catering revenue types.

Event Note Change Log - This report has been especially created to be able to report changes to Banquet Event Orders after distribution without having to reprint the whole original sheet. It works in conjunction with event notes.

Event Short List - This report presents another take on the daily or weekly list of events that can be used to communicate catering details between different departments of a hotel.

Function Space Utilization Report - This report displays the usage times and percentage of used time versus available time within the configured utilization periods, as well as an overall daily usage time and percentage per room. Occupancy percentage is calculated based the occupied times.

Item Availability Report - This report is extremely useful for catering equipment planning and ordering. It will give a detailed list of all equipment that is booked on a daily basis with number of items in inventory, items booked and items still available. External items are marked as such and can be ordered well in advance looking at this report.

Market Forecast Report - This report is used to display event production by market segment and can be further filtered by event status and revenue type.

Meal Type Forecast by Day (BI) - The Meal Type Forecast (BI) report is an easy to read forecast report for banquet operations. It is displayed by Catering Covers, Status, and Event Date.

Menu Cost Report - This report shows booked menus per day with revenue versus cost information.

Menu Item List - This report is helpful in reviewing the configured menu items with their internal criteria. It is typically printed during and after configuration of menu items to verify that all relevant data has been entered.

Monthly Catering Forecast - This is another option to use for forecasting event revenues. Where the Daily Event Forecast report breaks down the revenue into daily sub-totals, this report will only print total revenue per event type per status type, followed by a breakdown of revenues into the selected revenue types by status type for each calendar month that falls within the selected date range.

Sample Event Order External - This report is a list of events sorted in date order and within the date in booking order. It lists the event start and end times, event description and function space the event is held in. The report's main functionality would be to be posted in a public space like in the hotel lobby or function room foyer in lieu of an electronic or manual reader-board to inform attendees where their appropriate functions are held.