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SPARC T7-4 Server Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Cabling Requirements

  • Minimum cable connections for the server:

    • At least one server on-board Ethernet network connection (NET port)

    • Serial management port (SER MGT port): SP local connection with Oracle ILOM boot messages

    • Power cables for the server power supplies

  • SP management ports: There are two SP management ports for use with the Oracle ILOM SP.

    • The SER MGT port uses an RJ-45 cable and is always available. This port is the default connection to the ILOM SP.

    • The NET MGT port is the optional connection to the Oracle ILOM SP. The NET MGT port is configured to use DHCP by default. To set a static IP address, see Assigning a Static IP Address to the SP. The SP network management port uses an RJ-45 cable for a 10/100 BASE-T connection.

  • Ethernet ports: Labeled NET 0, NET 1, NET 2, and NET 3. The Ethernet interfaces operate at 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps, and 10000 Mbps.

Connection Type
IEEE Terminology
Transfer Rate
Fast Ethernet
100 Mbits/sec
Gigabit Ethernet
1000 Mbits/sec
10 Gigabit Ethernet
10000 Mbits/sec

Note -  To achieve 10 GbE network speeds, use Category 6 (or better) cables and network devices that support 1000BASE-T networks.
  • USB Ports: USB ports support hot-plugging. You can connect and disconnect USB cables and peripheral devices while the server is running without affecting server operations.

    • You can perform USB hot-plug operations only while the OS is running. USB hot-plug operations are not supported when the server ok prompt is displayed or before the server has completed booting.

    • You can connect up to 126 devices to each of the four USB controllers, for a total of 504 USB devices per server.

  • AC power cables: Do not attach power cables to the power supplies until you have finished connecting the data cables and have connected the server to a serial terminal or a terminal emulator (PC or workstation). The server goes into Standby mode and the Oracle ILOM SP initializes as soon as the AC power cables are connected to the power source. System messages will not be displayed if the server is not connected to a terminal, PC, or workstation.

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