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SPARC T7-4 Server Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Prepare the Power Cords

Prepare the power cords by routing them from the AC power source to the server.


Caution  -  Use only the power cords provided with the server.


Caution  -  Do not attach power cables to the power supplies until you have connected the server to a serial terminal or a terminal emulator (PC or workstation). The server goes into Standby mode and the Oracle ILOM SP initializes as soon as a power cable connects a power supply to an external power source. System messages might be lost after 60 seconds if a terminal or terminal emulator is not connected to the SER MGT port before power is applied.

Note -  Oracle ILOM will signal a fault if all four power supplies are not cabled at the same time, since it will be a nonredundant condition. Do not be concerned with this fault in this situation.
  • Route the power cords from the AC power source to the rear of the server.

    Do not attach the power cords to the power supplies at this time.

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