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SPARC T7-4 Server Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Connect a Terminal or Emulator to the SER MGT Port

Prior to powering on the server for the first time, make a serial connection to the SP from a terminal or terminal emulator. After making this serial connection, you will be able to view the system messages when you connect the power cords.

  1. Confirm that you have completed the following tasks:
    1. Completed the preparation for installation.

      See Preparing for Installation.

    2. Completed the installation of the server in a rack.

      See Installing the Server.

    3. Connected the necessary cables.

      See Connecting Cables

  2. Connect a terminal or a terminal emulator (PC or workstation) to the server SER MGT port.
  3. Configure a terminal or terminal emulator with these settings:
    • 9600 baud

    • 8 bits

    • No parity

    • 1 Stop bit

    • No handshake

    A null modem configuration is needed, meaning the transmit and receive signals are reversed (crossed over) for DTE to DTE communications. You can use the supplied RJ-45 crossover adapters with a standard RJ-45 cable to achieve the null modem configuration.

    Note -  If you power on the server for the first time and do not have a terminal or terminal emulator (PC or workstation) connected to the SER MGT port, you will not see system messages.
  4. (Optional) Connect an Ethernet cable between the server's NET MGT port and the network to which future connections to the SP and host will be made.

    Configure the system for the first time through the SER MGT port. After the initial configuration, you can set up communication between the SP and host through this Ethernet interface.

  5. Connect an Ethernet cable between one of the server's NET ports and the network to which the server will communicate.
  6. Connect the power cords to the power supplies and to separate power sources.

    When the power cords are connected, the SP initializes and the power supply LEDs illuminate. After a few minutes, the SP login prompt is displayed on the terminal device. At this time, the host is not initialized or powered on.

  7. Continue with the installation by powering on the server for the first time.

    See Power on the Server for the First Time.

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