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SPARC T7-4 Server Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Prepare the Server


Caution  -  Do not attempt to move the server alone without a lift. For a one-person installation, the components must be removed and a lift must be used. For a two-person installation, the main components must be removed, and a lift is optional.

  1. Remove the server from the box.

    See Shipping Kit.

  2. Remove all of the processor modules, the main module, the power supplies, and the fan modules from the server.

    Refer to the SPARC T7-4 Server Service Manualfor detailed instructions.

  3. Determine your next step:
    • For a one-person installation, place the server on a mechanical lift.
    • For a two-person installation, place the server on a mechanical lift if one is available.
  4. Remove the PCIe card carriers if there are PCIe cards that need to be installed.

    Refer to the service manual for detailed instructions.

  5. Install the server in the rack.

    See Installing the Server.

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