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SPARC T7-4 Server Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2017

Connect the SER MGT Cable

The SER MGT port on the SP is marked SER MGT. The SP SER MGT port is only used for server management. It is the default connection between the SP and a terminal or a computer. See Front Panel Components and Rear Panel Components for connector locations.


Caution  -  Do not attach a modem to the SP SER MGT port.

  • Connect an RJ-45 cable (Category 5) from the SP SER MGT port to the terminal device.

    Use this port for initial server management. This port is needed to activate the NET MGT port, as detailed in Powering On the Server for the First Time.

    When connecting either a DB-9 or a DB-25 cable, use the appropriate crossover cable adapter to create the required null modem configuration.

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