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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.4 Administration Guide

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Updated: August 2016

How to Apply the Max-Cores Constraint

Ensure that the domain has the whole-core constraint enabled prior to setting the max-cores constraint.

You can only enable, modify, or disable the max-cores constraint on an inactive domain, not on a domain that is bound or active. When you update the max-cores constraint on the control domain, the ldm set-domain command initiates a delayed reconfiguration automatically.

  1. Enable the max-cores constraint on the domain.
    primary# ldm set-domain max-cores=max-number-of-CPU-cores domain-name

    Note - The cryptographic units that are associated with those cores are unaffected by core additions. So, the system does not automatically add the associated cryptographic units to the domain. However, a cryptographic unit is automatically removed only when the last virtual CPU of the core is being removed. This action prevents a cryptographic unit from being “orphaned.”
  2. Verify that the whole-core constraint is enabled.
    primary# ldm ls -o resmgmt domain-name
  3. Bind and restart the domain.
    primary# ldm bind domain-name
    primary# ldm start domain-name

    Now, you can use the domain with hard partitioning.

Example 61  Applying the Max-Cores Constraint

This example shows how to constrain max-cores to three cores by setting the max-cores property, and verifying that the constraint is enabled:

primary# ldm set-domain max-cores=3 ldg1
primary# ldm ls -o resmgmt ldg1


Now, you can use the domain with hard partitioning.

The following example removes the max-cores constraint from the unbound and inactive ldg1 domain, but leaves the whole-core constraint as-is.

primary# ldm stop ldg1
primary# ldm unbind ldg1
primary# ldm set-domain max-cores=unlimited ldg1

Alternately, to remove both the max-cores constraint and the whole-core constraint from the ldg1 domain, assign virtual CPUs instead of cores, as follows:

primary# ldm set-vcpu 8 ldg1

In either case, bind and restart the domain.

primary# ldm bind ldg1
primary# ldm start ldg1