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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.4 Administration Guide

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Updated: August 2016

How to Re-Enable the ILOM Interconnect Service

The ilomconfig-interconnect service is enabled by default. Use this procedure if you need to re-enable this service manually.

  1. Enable the ILOM interconnect service.
    primary# svcadm enable ilomconfig-interconnect
  2. Verify that the ilomconfig-interconnect service is enabled.
    primary# svcs ilomconfig-interconnect
    STATE          STIME    FMRI
    online          9:53:28 svc:/network/ilomconfig-interconnect:default
  3. Verify that the ILOM interconnect is configured properly.

    A proper configuration shows the State value as enabled and the Host Interconnect IP Address value as an IP address and not none.

    primary# ilomconfig list interconnect
    State: enabled
    Type: USB Ethernet
    SP Interconnect IP Address:
    Host Interconnect IP Address:
    Interconnect Netmask:
    SP Interconnect MAC Address: 02:21:28:57:47:16
    Host Interconnect MAC Address: 02:21:28:57:47:17
  4. Verify that the ldmd daemon can communicate with the SP.
    primary# ldm list-spconfig