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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.4 Administration Guide

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Updated: August 2016

How to Control Access to a Single Console by Using Rights Profiles

  1. Restrict access to a domain console by enabling console authorization checking.
    primary# svccfg -s vntsd setprop vntsd/authorization = true
    primary# svcadm refresh vntsd
    primary# svcadm restart vntsd
  2. Add an authorization for a single domain to the authorization description database.

    The following example entry adds the authorization for a domain console:

    solaris.vntsd.console-domain:::Access domain Console::
  3. Create a rights profile with an authorization to access a specific domain console.

    Use the profiles command to create a new profile.

    primary# profiles -p "domain Console" \
    'set desc="Access domain Console";
    set auths=solaris.vntsd.console-domain'
  4. Assign the rights profile.
    primary# usermod -P +"domain Console" username