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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.4 Administration Guide

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Updated: August 2016

Modifying Fibre Channel SR-IOV Virtual Functions

The ldm set-io command modifies the current configuration of a virtual function by changing the property values or by setting new properties.

If you cannot use this dynamic method, use the static method instead. See Static SR-IOV.

You can use the ldm set-io command to modify the bw-percent, port-wwn, and node-wwn properties.

You can dynamically change only the bw-percent property while the virtual functions are assigned to a domain.

How to Modify Fibre Channel SR-IOV Virtual Function Properties

  1. Identify the physical function device.
    primary# ldm list-io

    Note that the name of the physical function includes the location information for the PCIe SR-IOV card or on-board device.

  2. Modify a virtual function property.
    ldm set-io [bw-percent=value] [port-wwn=value node-wwn=value] pf-name

    Unlike the bw-percent property value, which you can dynamically change at any time, you can dynamically modify the port-wwn and node-wwn property values only when the virtual function is not assigned to a domain.

Example 28  Modifying Fibre Channel SR-IOV Virtual Function Properties

This example modifies the properties of the specified virtual function, /SYS/MB/PCIE7/IOVFC.PF0.VF0, to specify the bandwidth percentage and the port and node WWN values.

primary# ldm set-io port-wwn=10:00:00:14:4f:fc:f4:7c \
node-wwn=20:00:00:14:4f:fc:f4:7c bw-percent=25 /SYS/MB/PCIE7/IOVFC.PF0.VF0