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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.4 Administration Guide

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Updated: August 2016

How to Export a Physical Disk as a Virtual Disk


Caution  - When configuring virtual disks, ensure that each virtual disk references a distinct physical (back-end) resource, such as a physical disk, a disk slice, a file, or a volume. Some disks, such as FibreChannel and SAS, have a “dual-ported” nature, which means that the same disk can be referenced by two different paths. Ensure that the paths you assign to different domains do not refer to the same physical disk.

  1. Export a physical disk as a virtual disk.

    For example, to export the physical disk c1t48d0 as a virtual disk, you must export slice 2 of that disk (c1t48d0s2).

    primary# ldm add-vdsdev /dev/dsk/c1t48d0s2 c1t48d0@primary-vds0
  2. Assign the disk to a guest domain.

    For example, assign the disk (pdisk) to guest domain ldg1.

    primary# ldm add-vdisk pdisk c1t48d0@primary-vds0 ldg1
  3. After the guest domain is started and running the Oracle Solaris OS, verify that the disk is accessible and is a full disk.

    A full disk is a regular disk that has eight (8) slices.

    For example, the disk being checked is c0d1.

    ldg1# ls -1 /dev/dsk/c0d1s*