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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.4 Administration Guide

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Updated: August 2016

CD, DVD and ISO Images

You can export a compact disc (CD) or digital versatile disc (DVD) the same way you export any regular disk. To export a CD or DVD to a guest domain, export slice 2 of the CD or DVD device as a full disk; that is, without the slice option.

Note - You cannot export the CD or DVD drive itself. You can export only the CD or DVD that is inside the CD or DVD drive. Therefore, a CD or DVD must be present inside the drive before you can export it. Also, to be able to export a CD or DVD, that CD or DVD cannot be in use in the service domain. In particular, the Volume Management file system, volfs service must not use the CD or DVD. See How to Export a CD or DVD From the Service Domain to the Guest Domain for instructions on how to remove the device from use by volfs.

If you have an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) image of a CD or DVD stored in file or on a volume and export that file or volume as a full disk, then it appears as a CD or DVD in the guest domain.

When you export a CD, DVD, or an ISO image, it automatically appears as a read-only device in the guest domain. However, you cannot perform any CD control operations from the guest domain; that is, you cannot start, stop, or eject the CD from the guest domain. If the exported CD, DVD, or ISO image is bootable, the guest domain can be booted on the corresponding virtual disk.

For example, if you export a Oracle Solaris OS installation DVD, you can boot the guest domain on the virtual disk that corresponds to that DVD and install the guest domain from that DVD. To do so, when the guest domain reaches the ok prompt, use the following command.

ok boot /virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/disk@n:f

Where n is the index of the virtual disk representing the exported DVD.

Note - If you export a Oracle Solaris OS installation DVD and boot a guest domain on the virtual disk that corresponds to that DVD to install the guest domain, then you cannot change the DVD during the installation. So, you might need to skip any step of the installation requesting a different CD/DVD, or you will need to provide an alternate path to access this requested media.