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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.4 Administration Guide

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Updated: August 2016

Enabling the Logical Domains Manager Daemon

The Logical Domains Manager daemon, ldmd, is automatically enabled when the Oracle VM Server for SPARC software package is installed. Once the daemon is enabled, you can create, modify, and control the logical domains.

On SPARC T7 series servers, SPARC M7 series servers, and SPARC S7 series servers, the ILOM interconnect service enables communication between the ldmd daemon and the service processor (SP). The ilomconfig-interconnect service is enabled by default. To verify that the ILOM interconnect service is enabled, see How to Verify the ILOM Interconnect Configuration.


Caution  - Do not disable the ilomconfig-interconnect service. Disabling this service might prevent the correct operation of logical domains and the OS.

How to Enable the Logical Domains Manager Daemon

Use this procedure to enable the ldmd daemon if it has been disabled.

  1. Use the svcadm command to enable the Logical Domains Manager daemon, ldmd.
    # svcadm enable ldmd

    For more information about the svcadm command, see the svcadm(1M) man page.

  2. Verify that the Logical Domains Manager is running.

    The ldm list command should list all domains that are currently defined on the system. In particular, the primary domain should be listed and be in the active state. The following sample output shows that only the primary domain is defined on the system.

    # ldm list
    primary          active   ---c-   SP      64    3264M    0.3%  19d 9m