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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.4 Administration Guide

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Updated: August 2016

Using Network Adapters With Domains That Run Oracle Solaris 10

In an Oracle Solaris 10 logical domains environment, the virtual switch service running in a service domain can directly interact with GLDv3-compliant network adapters. Though non-GLDv3 compliant network adapters can be used in these systems, the virtual switch cannot interface with them directly. See Configuring a Virtual Switch and the Service Domain for NAT and Routing for information about how to use non-GLDv3 compliant network adapters.

Note - GLDv3 compliance is not an issue for Oracle Solaris 11 environments.

For more information about using link aggregation, see Using Link Aggregation With a Virtual Switch.

How to Determine Whether a Network Adapter Is GLDv3-Compliant

This procedure applies only to Oracle Solaris 10 domains.

  • Determine whether the network adapter is GLDv3-compliant.

    The following example uses bge0 as the network device name.

    # dladm show-link bge0
    bge0            type: non-vlan   mtu: 1500      device: bge0

    The value of the type: field is one of the following:

    • GLDv3-compliant drivers have a type of non-vlan or vlan.

    • Non-GLDv3-compliant drivers have a type of legacy.