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SPARC T8-1 Server Installation Guide

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Updated: June 2019

Verify Operation of Slide Rails and CMA

Note - Two people are recommended for this procedure, one to move the server in and out of the rack, and one to observe the cables and CMA.
  1. Slowly pull the server out of the rack until the slide rails reach their stops.
  2. Inspect the attached cables for any binding or kinks.
  3. Verify that the CMA extends fully from the slide rails.
    image:Figure showing how to extend the server from the rack.
  4. Push the server back into the rack.

    When the server is fully extended, you must release two sets of slide rail stops to return the server to the rack.

    image:Figure showing how to release the rails to slide the server into a                 rack.
    1. The first set of stops are levers, located on the inside of each slide rail, just behind the rear panel of the server. Push in both green levers simultaneously and slide the server toward the rack.

      The server slides in approximately 18 inches (46 cm) and stop.

      Verify that the cables and the CMA retract without binding before you continue.

    2. The second set of stops are the slide rail release buttons, located near the front of each mounting bracket. Simultaneously push both of the green slide rail release buttons, and push the server completely into the rack until both slide rail locks engage.
  5. Adjust the cable straps and CMA, as required.

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