By default, all a product’s SKUs are active, which means that when the product is active, all SKUs are displayed on your store. You might want to deactivate a SKU if inventory is low or if the SKU contains a variant that will soon be discontinued, like a seasonal color.

Deactivating a SKU prevents it from appearing on your store or in search results but does not remove it from the product. (See Delete SKUs for information about permanently removing a SKU from a product.) If you deactivate all a product’s SKUs but do not deactivate the product, the product is still visible and appears in search results but shoppers cannot buy it. See Create and edit products for information about deactivating a product.

To deactivate a SKU:

  1. On the Catalog tab, select the product whose SKUs you want to deactivate.

  2. On the SKUs tab, click the ID of a SKU.

  3. On the SKU details page, uncheck the Active setting and click Save.

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