You can use the Oracle Commerce Cloud import process to import and export a product’s fixed related products. See Import and Export Catalog Items and Inventory for details about how to import and export products in Oracle Commerce Cloud.

The easiest way to format a file for importing related products for products is to start by exporting a file that you can use as a template for the items you want to add or modify. See Export catalog items for more information about how to export.

When you look at the exported spreadsheet, you can see that the second row displays column headings that contain the internal names of the exported properties. The fixedRelatedProducts column includes product IDs for the products to display in the Related Products widget on the Product layout.

Product data begins in the third row and continues for the remainder of the spreadsheet. If an item does not have a value for a property, the corresponding cell is blank. When you import multiple related products, separate each ID with a comma. The order of the IDs in the spreadsheet controls the order of products displayed on the product details page.

See Import catalog items and inventory for more information about how to import your changes back into the catalog.

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