12 Using the Pipeline

The Pipeline feature enables you orchestrate a series of jobs as a single process. In addition you can orchestrate Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud jobs across instances from one location. Using the Pipeline, you have better control and visibility of the full extended data integration process for preprocessing, data loading and post processing jobs.

Job types supported in the Pipeline include:

  • Business Rule

  • Business Ruleset

  • Clear Cube

  • Copy from Object Storage

  • Copy to Object Storage

  • EPM Platform Job for Planning

  • EPM Platform Job for Financial Consolidation and Close and Tax Reporting

  • EPM Platform Job for Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management

  • Export Mapping

  • Export Metadata

  • File Operations

  • Import Mapping

  • Import Metadata

  • Integration

  • Open Batch - File

  • Open Batch - Location

  • Open Batch - Name

  • Plan Type Map

  • Set Substitution Variable