Moving Fields and Lists Between Subtabs

You can move fields and lists (the Contacts list on entry forms, for example) between subtabs on entry forms.

After you have made changes on the Custom Form page, click Save & Move Elements to move fields and lists on the form to other subtabs.


The Move Form Elements page enables you to move elements between subtabs, and a few specific sublists. The available sublists are dependent on the type of form you edit. You can view a full list of available sublists for each transaction type in the SuiteScript Records Browser. For more information, see SuiteScript Records Browser.

To move fields and lists between subtabs:

  1. Click Save & Move Elements. Your form is saved, and the Move Form Elements page opens.

    The Fields subtab lists fields that appear on each subtab of the customized form that include fields.

    Subtabs with lists (the Contacts subtab on entry forms or the Items subtab on transactions, for example) are shown on the Lists subtab of the Move Form Elements page.

  2. For each field on each subtab, select the subtab where you want that field to appear. Note that you can select multiple fields and move them to the same subtab by using the same Select and Set Subtab dropdown list. At any time, you can click Save and Move More to save your field changes, and reload the page with the fields moved to the specified subtab.

  3. Click the Lists subtab.

  4. Select the subtab where you want each list to appear.

    It is possible to move a field or list to a subtab that is not displayed because it does not contain items of that type. When a field or list is moved to a previously undisplayed subtab, you cannot move the field back until the Move Form Items page is saved. If you need to move a field again, you can return to the Move Form Items page and move it after you have saved.

  5. Click Save.

Fields and lists are now shown on the subtabs you selected. If a field or list has been moved to a subtab that is not shown on the form, those items are no longer available on the form.

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