Configuring Sublist Fields

On the Sublist Fields subtab, you can change the label of custom sublist fields and rearrange the columns, if required.

You can use the Item Filter on this subtab to select the saved search to determine which items are shown in the Items list on the transaction form. For more information, see Filtering the Items Dropdown List on Transactions.


If you use the Item Filter on this page, only saved searches marked as Public appear in the list. For more information about creating a saved search, see Defining a Saved Search.

To configure sublist fields:

  1. In the Show column, check the boxes for the sublist fields to display on the form.

  2. In the Label column enter labels as needed.


    If you change the label of a field on the Sublist Fields subtab, the new label is also applied to the field on the Printing Fields subtab.

  3. Rearrange the fields as needed. To rearrange the fields, select and drag each line item to the preferred position, or click Move to Top or Move to Bottom.

  4. Click Save.

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