Setting Up Cash Basis Reporting

By default, NetSuite provides reports on an accrual basis to meet generally accepted accounting standards. You can choose to use cash basis for your report data. Your choice is applied only to reports where the distinction is relevant. You can modify this default globally for all relevant reports or individually for each custom report.

To change the default globally, use the Cash Basis Reporting preference at Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences on the General Ledger subtab. Enabling this preference causes all standard reports that support cash basis reporting to be on a cash basis rather than accrual basis.

The default for custom reports follows the Cash Basis Reporting preference set in Accounting Preferences. However, you can choose whether each custom report uses cash basis or accrual basis.

Reports that currently have access to the Cash Basis box are the following reports:

To change a custom report between cash basis and accrual basis:

  1. Go to Reports > Saved Reports > All Saved Reports and click Edit next to the custom report you want to edit to open the Report Builder (or Financial Report Builder).

  2. Click More Options.

  3. On the More Options page, use the Cash Basis menu to switch between cash basis and accrual basis reporting.

    • Enable – Select this option if you want to use cash-basis tax data for this report.

    • Disable – Select this option if you want to use accrual-basis tax data for this report.

    • Nexus setting – Select this option if you want to use nexus settings for tax data. If the nexus has cash-basis tax reporting enabled, the tax data in the report will be cash-based. Otherwise, it will be accrual-based. To check the settings for a nexus, an administrator can go to Setup > Accounting > Set Up Taxes, click the nexus, and check whether the Tax Reporting Cash Basis option is enabled for that nexus. See also Setting Tax Preferences.

  4. Click Save.


If the Cash Basis option is not available on the More Options page for a report, the choice between cash basis and accrual basis is not meaningful for the report.

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