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1. Introduction

Sun Management Center Overview Sun Management Center Architecture
Console Layer
Server Layer
Agent Layer
Server Context
Sun Management Center Concepts
Administrative Domains
Alarms and Rules
Sun Management Center Monitoring Features
Autonomous Agents
Main Console Window
Hierarchy and Topology Views
View Log
Sun Management Center Software Environments Installing Sun Management Center Getting Started With the Sun Management Center Software Available Features

2. Using Sun Management Center Administrative Domains

Starting Sun Management Center Software
To Set a Home Administrative Domain
Creating Administrative Domains
To Select Domain Manager
To Create Administrative Domains
Populating Administrative Domains
Managing Administrative Domains
Selecting Administrative Domains
To Select an Administrative Domain
Deleting Administrative Domains
To Delete an Administrative Domain
Monitoring Remote Administrative Domains
To Set a Remote Administrative Domain
Attribute Editor for an Administrative Domain
To Set Security for an Administrative Domain

3. Objects

Creating a Node
To Create a Node
Creating a Monitored Module Object
To Create a Module Object
Creating Groups
To Create a Group
Creating a Composite Object
To Create a Composite Object
Creating Segments
To Create a Segment
Connecting Objects
To Connect Objects
Copying Objects
To Copy an Object
To Copy a Group of Objects
Modifying Objects
To Modify an Object
Cutting and Pasting Objects
To Cut and Paste Objects
Deleting Objects
To Delete Objects

4. Discovery Manager

Starting the Discovery Requests Window
To Start the Discovery Requests Window
Initiating a Discovery Request
To Initiate a Discovery Request
Customizing Your Discovery Request
To Customize a Discovery Request
Modifying a Discovery Request
To Modify a Discovery Request
Starting, Stopping, or Deleting a
Discovery Request
To Start, Stop, or Delete a Discovery Request

5. Sun Management Center Software Main Console Window

Main Console Window Administrative Domain View
Hierarchy View
To Obtain Specific Information About the Hierarchy View
To Obtain General Information About the Hierarchy View
Topology View
Tool Tip
To See a Tool Tip
Pop-up Menu
To Access a Pop-Up Menu
Menu Bar
To Use the Main Console Window Menu Bar
File Menu Options
Edit Menu Options
View Menu Options
Go Menu Options
Tools Menu Options
Navigation Buttons
To Search For a Name
Sun Management Center Administrative Domains Pull-Down Menu
To View the Current List of Administrative Domains
Administrative Domain Status Summary

6. Browser

Details View Using the Details Window
To Start the Details Window
To Exit the Details Window
Browser Tab
Operating System
Local Applications
Remote Systems
Browser Icons
Alarms Filter
To Enable the Alarms Filter
Host Security
To Set Security for a Host or Module

7. Monitoring Data Properties

Monitoring Data Properties
To Display a Data Property
Browser Table Operations Cell Operations
Editable and Noneditable Cells
To Confirm an Edit
Set Value Errors
Default Cell Editors
To Choose an Option from a Combo Box
Column Operations
To Access The Column Header Context Menu
Row Operations
To Select a Row
To Select Multiple Contiguous Rows
To Select Multiple Row Ranges
Row Context Menu
To Define a Directory
To Add a Row (for the Directory Size Monitoring, File Monitoring, File Scanning, and Process Monitoring Modules)
Other Operations
Working with Large Data Property Tables
To Add a Printer
To Refresh Displayed Data
Probing Properties
To Probe a Property

8. Graphing Data Properties

Graphing Properties
To Graph A Monitored Data Property
To Graph Two Data Properties
To Save Graphing Parameters
To Open a Graph
To Apply a Graph Template
Graphing Menus
Graph Menu Items
Edit Menu Items
View Menu Items
Tools Menu Items
Help Menu Items

9. Attribute Editor

Attribute Editor for a Data Property
To Open the Attribute Editor
Information Tab in the Attribute Editor
Alarms Tab in the Attribute Editor
To Create an Alarm
Actions Tab in the Attribute Editor
To Register an Alarm Action
To Modify Alarm Actions
To Send an Email
To Define Your Own Alarm Action Script
Refresh Tab in the Attribute Editor
To Set a Refresh Interval
History Tab in the Attribute Editor
To Set a History Interval

10. Time Editor

Using the Time Editor
Combining Time Expressions
To Create a Time Expression Using the Cyclic and Comparison Tabs
To Create a Time Expression Using the Absolute and Cron Tabs
To Create an Alarm Schedule Using the Comparison Tab

11. Managing Modules

Sun Management Center Modules
Default Modules
Module List
Loading Modules
To Load a Module
Editing Modules
To Edit Module Parameters
To Disable a Module
To Enable a Module
To Unload a Module
Monitoring Modules Attribute Editor for a Module
Setting a Module Schedule
To Set a Module Schedule
Setting Security Permissions for a Module
To Set Security Permissions for a Module

12. Alarm Manager

Alarm Information
Domain Status Summary
Down Alarms
Critical Alarms
Alert Alarms
Caution Alarms
Off/Disabled Alarms
Alarm Icon Colors
To Access Alarms From the Main Console Window
To Access Alarms From the Alarms Tab in the Details Window
Alarms Table
Database Paging
Page Navigation
Alarm Categories
Alarm States
Alarm Action Status
Sorting the Alarms Table
To Sort the Alarms Table
Managing and Controlling Alarms
Acknowledging New Alarms
To Acknowledge New Alarms
To Run a Registered Alarm Action
Refreshing the Alarms Table
To Refresh the Alarms Table
Using the Options Menu
Filtering the Alarms Table
To Filter the Alarms Table
Deleting Alarms
To Delete Alarms
Entering Alarm Notes
To Enter an Alarm Note
Viewing Suggested Fixes
To View and Add Suggested Fixes
Registering and Modifying Alarm Actions
To Modify Currently Registered Actions

13. Details

Navigating the Details Window
To Start the Details Window
To Close the Details Window
To Display Online Documentation
Info Tab Browser Tab Alarms Tab Modules Tab View Log Tab
To View the System Log File Messages
Filtering Your Messages
To Filter Your Log Request
Reload Button
Monitor Button
To Monitor Log Messages
Finding Specific Log Messages
To Find a Log Message
To View the SunMC Log File Messages
To View Other Log File Messages
Applications Tab
View Processes
Configuring the Process Display
Selecting Columns for Viewing
Sorting Columns
To Sort Columns in Ascending Order
To Sort Columns in Descending Order
Moving Columns
To Reorder Columns in the Table
Process Statistics Window
Process Summary Field
Custom or Third-Party Applications
Hardware Tab
To View a Hardware Configuration
Hardware Summary
Physical View
Rotate Current View
Physical View When a Sun StorEdge Device is Connected
Refresh Details
Dynamic Reconfiguration
To Reconfigure the System
Logical View
Expand All
Refresh Details
Dynamic Reconfiguration

14. Sun Management Center Security

Access Control Categories
Sun Management Center Users
Public and Private Users
Sun Management Center Groups
Sun Management Center Operators or esops
Sun Management Center Administrators or esadm
Sun Management Center Domain Administrators or esdomadm
Admin, Operator, and General Functions
Specifying Access Control
Admin, Operator, and General Access
Sun Management Center Remote Server Access
Sun Management Center Server Context
Limitations While Crossing Servers
Using Access Control
To Add Sun Management Center Users
To Access ACL on a Module
To Add a User-Defined Group to an ACL
To Grant a User esadm, esops, or esdomadm Privileges
To Delete Sun Management Center Users
Default Privileges
Topology Manager Default Privileges
Other Sun Management Center Component and Module Default Privileges
Overriding the Default Privileges
To Override Default Privileges

15. Grouping Operations

The Group Operations Window
General Procedures
To Create an Object Group
To Create a Task
To Set a Schedule
To Set the State of the Operation
Detailed Procedures
To Create an Object Group
To Edit an Object Group
To Delete an Object Group
To Create a Filter
To Edit a Filter
To Delete a Filter
To Create a Task
Module Task
To Create a Module Task
To Edit a Module Task
Data Property Tasks
To Create a Data Property Task
To Edit Data Property Tables
To Delete a Task
Module Configuration Propagation Tasks
To Create an MCP Parcel
To Delete an MCP Parcel
To Create an MCP Task
To Edit an MCP Task
To Delete an MCP Task

16. Module Management

Modules Status Screen
To Load a Module
To Load a Scheduled Module
To Unload a Module
To Edit Module Parameters
To Enable a Module
To Disable a Module
To Display Module Rules

17. Dataviews

Dataview Tables
To Open an Empty Dataview Window
To Create a Dataview
Create a Dataview Option
From the Context Pop-up Menu
From the Options Menu
Copy to Dataview Clipboard Option
Details Window
Console Window
To Open an Existing Dataview
Navigating Through a Dataview Window
To Delete a Dataview
To Save A Dataview
Types of Dataview Tables
Scalar Table
To Create a Scalar Dataview Table
Vector Table
To Create a Vector Dataview Table

18. Sun Management Center Web Interface

Web Interface
To Start the Sun Management Center Web Interface
Main Console Host Details Browser Page
To Display the Host Details Browser Page
Info Tab
Browser Tab
Alarms Tab
To Filter the Alarms Table
Modules Tab
Module Loader Dialog
To Display the Module Loader Dialog
Log Tab
Attribute Editor Configuring the Sun Management Center Web Console to Use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

19. Web Interface Alarms Manager

Notifying Users That a Host or Agent is Down
To Set Up User Notification for Down Host or Agent
Status Summary Panel
To View the Status Summary Panel
Viewing Alarm Information
To View Alarm Information
Alarm Categories
To View Additional Alarm Information
Alarms Table Page Navigation
Alarm Actions

20. Web Interface Attribute Editor

Module Data Properties
To Display the Attribute Editor
Info Tab
Alarms Tab
To Create an Alarm
Actions Tab
To Modify Alarm Actions
To Send an Email for a Critical Alarm
To Define an Alarm Action Script
Refresh Tab
To Set a Refresh Interval
History Tab
To Set a History Interval

21. Topology Import/Export Utility

Database Requirements
Main Console GUI
Topology Export Utility
To Start the Export Utility
Topology Import Utility
To Start the Import Utility
Import/Export CLI Interface
Topology Import Utility
Command Parameters
Confirmation Messages
Output Messages
Topology Export Utility
Import/Export File Contents
File Format Description
File Format Design
DTD (Document Type Declaration)
Head Information
Data Blocks

22. Command Line Interface

Overview of the Sun Management Center CLI
Relationship of the CLI to the System Structure
CLI Software Structure
Assumptions and Dependencies
CLI User Interface
User Authorization
CLI Interaction Modes
Batch Mode
Multiple-command (or Session) Mode
Logging in to Sun Management Center Software
To Access the CLI in Solaris Environments
To Access the CLI in Microsoft Windows Environments
CLI Command Parameters
Operation and Parameter Format
To Override Parameters
Command-Specific Parameters
CLI Commands
Basic CLI Commands
Extended CLI Commands
Module Extended Commands
Object Attribute Extended Commands
Alarms Extended Commands
Supported Parameter Lists for Topology Commands
Topology Extended Commands
Format of CLI Output
Plain Text
CLI Log File
To Record CLI Commands in a Log File
Internationalization and the CLI

A. Getting Started With Sun Management Center Software

B. Miscellaneous Sun Management Center Procedures

Regenerating Security Keys
To Regenerate the Security Keys
Configuring a Legacy SNMP Agent as a Subagent of a Sun Management Center Agent
To Configure a Legacy SNMP Agent as a Subagent of a Sun Management Center Agent
Agent Exits During Startup
To Increase Agent Memory Size
Configuring Sun Management Center Software to Use Different Port Addresses
To Determine If a Port Is Used
To Reconfigure Sun Management Center Software to Use Nondefault Port Addresses
To Reconfigure Sun Management Center SNMP Port Addresses
To Reconfigure Sun Management Center RMI Port Address
Monitoring Topology Manager and Event Manager
To Create a Server Component as a Monitored Object
Topology Manager
To Increase the Critical Threshold for the Virtual Size Data Property.
Event Manager
To Change the Default Values for Smart Delete in the Event Manager
Reading Sun Management Center Log Files
To Use ccat to Read Sun Management Center Log Files
To Use ctail to Read Sun Management Center Log Files
Sun Management Center Server Issues
Hanging Main Console Window
To Resolve a Hanging Main Console Window
Adding Customized Menu Items
To Customize the Tools Menu
SNMP MIBs for Sun Management Center Modules
How to Use the Sun Management Center SNMP MIBs in a Third Party Management Station
How to Access the Modules With Multiple Instances
Database Backup and Recovery

C. Internet Protocol Routing

Overview of IP Addressing
Network Classes
Subnetting Netmasks

D. Sun Management Center Software - Modules

Sun StorEdge A5x00 Array
Sun StorEdge T3 Array
Operating System
Directory Size Monitoring Module Version 2.0
Directory Monitoring Status Table
File Monitoring Module Version 2.0
File Monitoring Status Table
IPv6 Instrumentation Module Version 1.0
IPv6 IP Group
IPv6 TCP Group
IPv6 UDP Group
IPv6 ICMP Group
MIB-II Instrumentation Module Version 1.0
MIB-II System Group Table
MIB-II Interfaces Group Tables
MIB-II IP Group Table
MIB-II ICMP Group Table
MIB-II TCP Group Tables
MIB-II UDP Group Tables
Kernel Reader Module Version 1.0
Kernel Reader Simple Module Version 3.0
User Statistics Table
Interprocess Communication Tables
Disk Statistics Managed Objects Tables
Filesystem Usage Table
CPU Statistics Managed Object Tables
Memory Usage Statistics Table
Swap Statistics Table
Streams Statistics Managed Objects Table
Software Rules Table
NFS Statistics Module Version 2.0
RPC Information Table
NFS Information Table
NFS Statistics
Solaris Process Details Module Version 2.0
Process Table
NFS File Systems Module Version 2.0
File System Usage Table
Simple MIB-II Module Version 1.0
System Group
Interfaces Group
IP Group
Local & Remote Application Modules Local Applications
Agent Statistics Module Version 2.0
Object Statistics Table
Commands Executed Table
Transactions Performed Table
Sun Management Center Process Statistics Table
Sun Management Center Total Process Statistics Table
Data Logging Registry Module Version 2.0
Registry Table
Health Monitor Module Version 2.0
Swap Table
Kernel Contention Table
NFS Table
CPU Table
Disk Table
RAM Table
Kernel Memory Table
Directory Cache Table
Logview ACL Version 1.0
Print Spooler Module Version 3.0
Printer LPsched
Printer Devices Table
Printer Queues Table
Process Monitoring Module Version 2.0
Process Statistics Table
File Scanning (System Log) Module Version 2.0
File ID Table
File Statistics Table
Scan Table
Remote Systems
MIB-II Proxy Monitoring Module Version 2.0
HP JetDirect Module Version 2.0
Printer Status Table

E. Sun Management Center Software Rules

Kernel Reader Health Monitor



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