The Scenarios module extends the functionality of the Personalization module, providing a set of advanced targeting features that companies can use to plan and manage long term personalization and customer relationships. Principally, you can use the Scenarios module to do the following:

As a business user, therefore, your tasks with the Scenarios module include the following:

About the Quincy Funds Demo Application

When you install the ATG platform, you have the additional option of installing the Quincy Funds demo. This application is a demonstration Web site for the Scenarios module that shows how you can use ATG products to manage visitor profiles and deliver personalized content to site visitors. You log into the site as a visitor, and then you can see both your visitor profile and the site content change as a result of choices you make as you move from page to page.

To understand personalization and the part that scenarios play in personalizing Web content, it is highly recommended that you take a look at the Quincy Funds demo and read its accompanying manual, the ATG Quincy Funds Demo Documentation.