It is possible to manually re-index orders or profiles. By default, you can re-index using a date range or an ID.

The /atg/commerce/search/OrderOutputConfig contains the manualIndexRequests property that enumerates the types of queries used to manually re-index orders. The default queries perform indexing by creation date, last modified date, submitted date, or ID:


The /atg/userprofiling/search/ProfileOutputConfig contains the manualIndexRequests property. By default, queries perform indexing for profiles by last modification date or by ID:


Each of the ManualIndexRequests defines an RQL query that sets the criteria for the indexing request.

To manually re-index:

To review the orders being indexed, enable the loggingDebug property in /atg/commerce/
. To review the profiles being indexed, enable the loggingDebug property in /atg/userprofiling/search/ProfileLiveDocumentSubmitter.

Customizing Manual Indexing

By default, manual re-indexing searches for date ranges and IDs. However, you can customize the re-indexing process. To do this, define an RQL query, or write a custom class that implements the interface referenced by the class. For information on writing RQL queries, refer to the ATG Repository Guide. For information on extending and working with the IndexingOutputConfig class, refer to the ATG Search Administration Guide.

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