Configuring and Managing Printing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Configurable Printer Properties

Use the options in the Printer Properties dialog to modify the properties of a configured printer. For instructions, see How to Modify the Properties of a Configured Printer.

    The Printer Properties dialog includes the following six sections for configuring new and existing printers:

  • Settings

    In the Settings section, you can configure the following properties:


    Descriptive text about the printer.


    A description of the physical location of the printer.

    Device URI

    Information about the protocol that is used to access the printer. For example, you could use LPD to specify the RFC-1179 protocol or IPP to specify the Internet Printing Protocol.

    Make and Model

    Information about the make and model of the printer.

    The default setting for the Make and Model option can be changed by clicking the Change button.

    Printer State

    Information about the current status of the printer.

    Tests and Maintenance

    Contains the following options:

    • Print Test Page

    • Print Self-Test Page

    • Clean Print Heads

  • Policies

    In the Policies section, you can configure the properties that control how a printer behaves.


    Specifies the following printer states:

    • Enabled

    • Accepting Requests

    • Shared

    Note that more than one state can be specified at the same time.


    Specifies how the printer behaves during error conditions.


    Specifies whether starting or ending banner pages are printed with each print job.

  • Access Control

    The Allow or Deny lists determine which users can print to the printer.

  • Printer Options

    In the Printer Options section, you can configure printer-specific options.

    For example, for an HP LaserJet 3015, the following configurable options are displayed:

    • Imaging Options

    • Resolution Options

    • Watermark/Overlay

    The number and types of options are determined by the PPD file that is associated with the specified printer.

  • Job Options

    Determines the options that are associated with a print job, for example, the number of copies and page orientation, as well as certain image options. The number and types of options are determined by the PPD file that is associated with the specified printer.