Configuring and Managing Printing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

How to Unshare or Share a Printer

By default, new printers are configured with the Share option enabled, which means they are published on the local network. This procedure describes how to unshare a printer or enable an unshared printer.

  1. Start the CUPS Print Manager GUI by choosing System → Administration → Print Manager from the desktop's main menubar or by typing the following command in a terminal window:
    $ system-config-printer

    The Printer configuration dialog appears, listing all of the configured printers and any newly detected printers.

  2. Right-click the printer name that you want to unshare, or share.
  3. Select Share or Unshare option according to your requirement.
  4. Type the root password when prompted.
  5. Click OK.