Configuring and Managing Printing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Local Server Configuration

Each system that uses CUPS can be both a print server and a print client. The system acts as the server for any printer that is physically connected to it and for any print queues that are created on that system.

To configure advanced settings and options for a local CUPS server, start CUPS Print Manager, then choose Server → Settings. In the Basic Server Settings dialog, click the Advanced button. The following advanced server settings and options can be viewed or configured:

  • Job History – Controls the print job history for a specified printer or printers

  • Browse Servers – Enables you to restrict browsing by CUPS to certain print servers for the purpose of polling print queues

    In the Basic Server Settings dialog you can configure the following settings:

  • Show printers that are shared by other systems – Enables other CUPS print queues to be visible to the local system.

  • Publish shared printers connected to this system – Publishes a list of print queues that are configured on a system to the other systems on a local area network (LAN). You can also publish print queues to be accessible beyond the LAN. The Allow Printing from the Internet option is only available if this setting has been selected.

  • Allow remote administration – Enables you to administer the print queue from a remote system by using either CUPS Print Manager or the CUPS web browser interface.

  • Allow users to cancel any job (not just their own) – Enables users to cancel any print jobs.

  • Save debugging information for troubleshooting – Enables the logging of debugging information for troubleshooting purposes.