Configuring and Managing Printing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


print device
CUPSindex iconSelecting a Print Device
print file
default printerindex iconHow to Print a File to the Default Printer
print jobs
using CUPS to manageindex iconHow to Manage Print Jobs for a Specified Printer
print queue
CUPSindex iconCUPS Processes
print to a specified printerindex iconHow to Print to a Specified Printer
how to delete
using CUPSindex iconHow to Delete a Printer
printer properties
using CUPSindex iconConfigurable Printer Properties
using CUPS to modifyindex iconHow to Modify the Properties of a Configured Printer
printer setup
using CUPS GUIindex iconHow to Set Up a New Local Printer
enabling and disabling
CUPSindex iconHow to Disable or Enable a Printer
sharing and unsharing
CUPSindex iconHow to Unshare or Share a Printer
CUPSindex iconCUPS Processes
configuring a printer
CUPSindex iconConfigurable Printer Properties