Configuring and Managing Printing in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

How to Verify the Status of Printers

The lpstat command displays information about accessible printers and jobs.

  1. Log in to any system on the network.
  2. (Optional)Verify the status of all printers or a specific printer.

    Only the most commonly used options are shown here. For information about other options, see the lpstat(1) man page.

    $ lpstat [-d] 
    [-l] [-p] printer-name [-t]

    Shows the default printer.

    –p printer-name

    Shows that a printer is active or idle, and when the printer was enabled or disabled.

    You can specify multiple printer names with this command. Use a space or a comma to separate printer names. If you use spaces, enclose the list of printer names in quotation marks. If you do not specify printer-name, the status of all printers is displayed.


    Shows the characteristics of printers and jobs.


    Shows status information about CUPS, including the status of all printers, for example whether printers are active and accepting print requests.

Example 2-9  Displaying the Status of Printers

To display the status of the printer luna:

$ lpstat -p luna
printer luna is idle. enabled since Jul 12 11:17 2011. available.

To display the system's default printer:

$ lpstat -d
system default destination: luna

To display the description of the printers asteroid and luna:

$ lpstat -p "asteroid, luna" -D
printer asteroid faulted. enabled since Jan 5 11:35 2011. available.
unable to print: paper misfeed jam

Description: Printer by break room
printer luna is idle. enabled since Jan 5 11:36 2011. available.
Description: Printer by server room.

To display the characteristics of the printer luna:

$ lpstat 

-l -p luna
printer luna is idle.  enabled since September 29, 2011 05:20:57 PM BST
Form mounted:
Content types: any
Printer types: unknown
Description: luna
Alerts: none
Connection: direct
On fault: no alert
After fault: continue
Users allowed:
Forms allowed:
Banner required
Charset sets:
Default pitch:
Default page size:
Default port settings: