Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

Mounting a File System Using Mirror Mounts

If a file system is mounted on an NFS Version 4 client by using manual mounts or autofs, any additional file systems that are added to the mounted file system can be mounted on the client by using the mirror mount facility. The client requests access to the new file system with the same mount options that were used on the parent directory. If the mount fails for any reason, the normal NFS Version 4 security negotiations occur between the server and the client to adjust the mount options so that the mount request succeeds.

When an automount trigger exists for a particular server file system, the automount trigger takes precedence over mirror mounting, so a mirror mount will not occur for that file system. To use mirror mounts in this case, the automount entry must be removed.

In the Oracle Solaris 11 release, accessing the /net or /home automount point causes a mount of the /net or /home server namespace. Access to directories or files under those directories is given through the mirror mounts facility.

For specific instructions about how to use mirror mounts, see How to Mount All File Systems From a Server.