Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014

WebNFS Limitations With Web Browser Use

    The WebNFS software does not support several functions that a web site that uses HTTP can provide. These differences stem from the fact that the NFS server sends only the file, so any special processing must be done on the client. If you need to have one web site configured for both WebNFS and HTTP access, consider the following issues:

  • NFS browsing does not run CGI scripts. So, a file system with an active web site that uses many CGI scripts might not be appropriate for NFS browsing.

  • Accessing these files in different file formats through an NFS URL starts an external viewer if the file type can be determined by the file name. Because the WebNFS software does not check inside the file to determine the file type, the only way to determine a file type is by the file name extension. The browser should recognize any file name extension for a standard MIME type.

  • NFS browsing cannot use server-side image maps but it can use client-side image maps because the URLs are defined with the location. No additional response is required from the document server.