Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


–t option
lockd daemonindex iconlockd Daemon
NFS Version 3 andindex iconNFS Over TCP
telnet command
secure NFS andindex iconUsing Secure RPC With NFS
time synchronizationindex iconDH Authentication
transport protocol
NFS negotiationindex iconUDP and TCP Negotiation
transport setup problem
error messageindex iconNFS Error Messages
autofsindex iconTroubleshooting Autofs
avoiding mount point conflictsindex iconAvoiding Mount Point Conflicts
error messages generated by automount –v commandindex iconError Messages Generated by automount v
miscellaneous error messagesindex iconMiscellaneous Error Messages
determining where NFS service has failedindex iconHow to Verify the NFS Service on the Server
hung programsindex iconNFS Error Messages
remote mounting problems
index iconNFS Error Messages
index iconNFS Troubleshooting Procedures
server problemsindex iconHow to Check Connectivity on an NFS Client
strategiesindex iconStrategies for NFS Troubleshooting
truss commandindex icontruss Command