Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


–l option
umountall commandindex iconumountall Command
large files
NFS supportindex iconNFS Large File Support
–largefiles option
error messageindex iconNFS Error Messages
mount commandindex iconmount Options for NFS File Systems
LDAP schema
for FedFSindex iconHow to Create a Namespace Database
leading space in map entry messageindex iconError Messages Generated by automount v
clients with remotely mounted file systemsindex iconshowmount Command
mounted file systemsindex iconUsing the mount Command
shared file systemsindex iconSetting Access Lists With the share Command
local cache and NFS Version 3index iconNFS Version 3 Protocol
local file systems
unmounting groupsindex iconumountall Command
local files
updating autofs mapsindex iconAdministrative Tasks Involving Maps
lockd daemonindex iconlockd Daemon
lockd daemonindex iconlockd Daemon
lockd_retransmit_timeout parameter
lockd daemonindex iconlockd Daemon
lockd_servers parameter
lockd daemonindex iconlockd Daemon
NFS Version 3 improvementsindex iconNetwork Lock Manager and NFS
–log option
share commandindex iconNFS-Specific share Options
login command
secure NFS andindex iconUsing Secure RPC With NFS
ls command
ACL entries andindex iconID Mapping Problems