Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


–a option
showmount commandindex iconshowmount Command
umount commandindex iconumount Command
access control list (ACL) and NFS
descriptionindex iconNFS ACL Support
error message, Permission deniedindex iconNFS Error Messages
access control lists (ACLs) and NFS
descriptionindex iconACLs and nfsmapid in NFS Version 4
NFS referralsindex iconHow to Create and Access an NFS Referral
already mounted messageindex iconError Messages Generated by automount v
ampersand (&)
in autofs mapsindex iconAmpersand (&)
–anon option
share commandindex iconNFS-Specific share Options
hungindex iconNFS Error Messages
ARCH map variableindex iconPredefined Map Variables
asterisk (*)
in autofs mapsindex iconAsterisk (*)
DHindex iconDH Authentication
Diffie-Hellman (DH)index iconDH Authentication
RPCindex iconSecure RPC
index iconSecure RPC
index iconSecure NFS Systems
auto_home map
/home directoryindex iconSetting Up a Common View of /home
/home directory server setupindex iconHow to Set Up /home With Multiple Home Directory File Systems
/home mount point
index iconMount Point /home
index iconMaster Autofs Map
auto_master file
nobrowse optionindex iconHow to Disable Autofs Browsability for All Clients
/home directoryindex iconSetting Up a Common View of /home
administering mapsindex iconAdministrative Tasks Involving Maps
index iconDisabling Autofs Browsability
index iconAutofs Features
consolidating project-related filesindex iconHow to Consolidate Project-Related Files Under a Common Directory
featuresindex iconAutofs Features
home directory server setupindex iconHow to Set Up /home With Multiple Home Directory File Systems
browsability andindex iconAutofs Features
index iconDirect Autofs Maps
index iconDirect Autofs Maps
index iconIndirect Autofs Maps
index iconIndirect Autofs Maps
index iconSample /etc/auto_master File
index iconMaster Autofs Map
network navigationindex iconHow Autofs Navigates Through the Network (Maps)
read-only file selection
index iconServer Proximity
index iconHow Autofs Selects the Nearest Read-Only Files for Clients (Multiple Locations)
referring to other maps
index iconDisplaying the Search Order of Maps by the automount command
index iconMaps That Refer to Other Maps
starting the navigation process
index iconHow Autofs Starts the Navigation Process (Master Map)
index iconMount Point /home
types ofindex iconAdministrative Tasks Involving Maps
index iconPredefined Map Variables
index iconVariables in an Autofs Map Entry
index iconAmpersand (&)
index iconAutofs and Metacharacters
mount process
index iconHierarchical Mounting
index iconAutofs Mount Process
mounting file systemsindex iconMounting With the Automounter
namespace dataindex iconAutofs Features
NFS URL andindex iconHow to Use NFS URLs With Autofs
nobrowse optionindex iconHow to Disable Autofs Browsability for All Clients
non-NFS file system accessindex iconAccessing Non-NFS File Systems
overviewindex iconAbout Autofs
public file handle andindex iconHow to Use a Public File Handle With Autofs
reference information for
index iconAutofs and Special Characters
index iconAutofs Reference
replicating shared files across several serversindex iconHow to Replicate Shared Files Across Several Servers
shared namespace accessindex iconHow to Set Up Different Architectures to Access a Shared Namespace
special charactersindex iconAutofs and Special Characters
supporting incompatible client OS versions usingindex iconHow to Support Incompatible Client Operating System Versions
troubleshootingindex iconTroubleshooting Autofs
unmounting processindex iconAutofs Unmounting
automount commandindex iconautomount Command
autofs andindex iconAbout Autofs
error messagesindex iconTroubleshooting Autofs
modifying autofs master map (auto_master)index iconHow to Modify the Master Map
overviewindex iconHow Autofs Works
–v optionindex iconError Messages Generated by automount v
when to runindex iconAdministrative Tasks Involving Maps
automountd daemonindex iconautomountd Daemon
autofs andindex iconAbout Autofs
descriptionindex iconAutofs Features
mounting andindex iconAutofs Features
index iconsvc:/system/filesystem/autofs Service Starts automount
index iconHow Autofs Works
avoiding problems with ACLs in NFSindex iconID Mapping Problems