Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


Numbers and Symbols

# (pound sign)
comments in direct mapsindex iconDirect Autofs Maps
comments in indirect mapsindex iconIndirect Autofs Maps
comments in master map (auto_master)index iconSample /etc/auto_master File
& (ampersand)
in autofs mapsindex iconAmpersand (&)
* (asterisk)
in autofs mapsindex iconAsterisk (*)
+ (plus sign)
in autofs map names
index iconDisplaying the Search Order of Maps by the automount command
index iconMaps That Refer to Other Maps
- (dash)
in autofs map namesindex iconMaps That Refer to Other Maps
/ (slash)
/- as master map mount point
index iconMount Point /-
index iconSample /etc/auto_master File
master map names preceded byindex iconSample /etc/auto_master File
root directory
mounting by diskless clientsindex iconAbout Autofs
\ (backslash) in autofs maps
index iconIndirect Autofs Maps
index iconDirect Autofs Maps
index iconSample /etc/auto_master File