Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


autofs and superuser passwordsindex iconAbout Autofs
DH password protectionindex iconSecure RPC
pathconf: server not responding messageindex iconMiscellaneous Error Messages
pathconf: no info messageindex iconMiscellaneous Error Messages
Permission denied messageindex iconNFS Error Messages
NFS Version 3 improvementindex iconNFS Version 3 Protocol
plus sign (+)
in autofs map names
index iconDisplaying the Search Order of Maps by the automount command
index iconMaps That Refer to Other Maps
mounting andindex iconHow File Systems Are Mounted in NFS Version 3
pound sign (#)
comments in direct mapsindex iconDirect Autofs Maps
comments in indirect mapsindex iconIndirect Autofs Maps
comments in master map (auto_master)index iconSample /etc/auto_master File
list of remotely mounted directoriesindex iconshowmount Command
list of shared or exported filesindex iconshowmount Command
problems with ACLs in NFS
avoidingindex iconID Mapping Problems
processor type map variableindex iconPredefined Map Variables
hungindex iconNFS Error Messages
consolidating filesindex iconHow to Consolidate Project-Related Files Under a Common Directory
pstack commandindex iconpstack Command
public file handle
autofs andindex iconHow to Use a Public File Handle With Autofs
mounting andindex iconHow File Systems Are Mounted in NFS Version 3
NFS mounting withindex iconExtensions for NFS Mounting
WebNFS andindex iconPlanning for WebNFS Access
public-key cryptography
common keyindex iconDH Authentication
conversation keyindex iconDH Authentication
database of public keys
index iconDH Authentication
index iconSecure RPC
DH authentication
index iconDH Authentication
index iconDH Authentication
secret key
databaseindex iconDH Authentication
deleting from remote serverindex iconUsing Secure RPC With NFS
time synchronizationindex iconDH Authentication
public-key map
DH authenticationindex iconDH Authentication
–public option
in dfstab fileindex iconHow to Enable WebNFS Access
mount command
index iconmount Options for NFS File Systems
index iconHow to Mount an NFS File System Through a Firewall
share error messageindex iconNFS Error Messages
WebNFS andindex iconPlanning for WebNFS Access