Managing Network File Systems in Oracle® Solaris 11.2

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Updated: July 2014


cache and NFS Version 3index iconNFS Version 3 Protocol
can't mount messageindex iconError Messages Generated by automount v
cannot receive reply messageindex iconMiscellaneous Error Messages
cannot send packet messageindex iconMiscellaneous Error Messages
checking for unmapped user or group IDsindex iconChecking for Unmapped User IDs or Group IDs
clear_locks commandindex iconclear_locks Command
client recovery
NFS Version 4index iconClient Recovery in NFS Version 4
client-side failover
enablingindex iconHow to Use Client-Side Failover
in NFS Version 4index iconClient-Side Failover in NFS Version 4
NFS locking andindex iconFailover and NFS Locking
NFS supportindex iconNFS Client Failover
overviewindex iconClient-Side Failover
replicated file systemsindex iconWhat Is a Replicated File System?
client_versmax parameterindex iconmountd Daemon
client_versmin parameterindex iconmountd Daemon
FedFSindex iconFedFS Commands
hung programsindex iconNFS Error Messages
NFSindex iconNFS Commands
in direct mapsindex iconDirect Autofs Maps
in indirect mapsindex iconIndirect Autofs Maps
in master map (auto_master)index iconSample /etc/auto_master File
consolidating project-related filesindex iconHow to Consolidate Project-Related Files Under a Common Directory
conversation keyindex iconDH Authentication
could not use public filehandle messageindex iconNFS Error Messages
couldn't create mount point messageindex iconError Messages Generated by automount v
CPU map variableindex iconPredefined Map Variables
namespace database (FedFS)index iconHow to Create a Namespace Database
NFS referrals
index iconHow to Create a FedFS Referral
index iconHow to Create and Access an NFS Referral
index iconCreating an NFS Referral
secure connection (FedFS)index iconHow to Use a Secured Connection to the NSDB
descriptionindex iconSecure RPC
UNIX authenticationindex iconSecure RPC