Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.2 Administration Guide

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Updated: May 2015

Configuring SSL Certificates for Migration

To perform certificate-based authentication, use the –c option with the ldm migrate-domain command. This option is mutually exclusive with the password file and alternate user options. If the –c option is not specified, the migration operation performs password authentication.

How to Configure SSL Certificates for Migration

To configure SSL certificates, you must perform the steps in this task on both the source machine and the target machine.

  1. Create the /var/opt/SUNWldm/trust directory if it does not already exist.
  2. Securely copy the remote ldmd certificate to the local ldmd trusted certificate directory.

    The remote ldmd certificate is the /var/opt/SUNWldm/server.crt on the remote host. The local ldmd trusted certificate directory is /var/opt/SUNWldm/trust. Call the remote certificate file remote-hostname.pem.

  3. Create a symbolic link from the certificate in the ldmd trusted certificate directory to /etc/certs/CA.

    Set the REMOTE variable to remote-host.

    localhost# ln -s /var/opt/SUNWldm/trust/${REMOTE}.pem /etc/certs/CA/
  4. Restart the svc:/system/ca-certificates service.
    localhost# svcadm restart svc:/system/ca-certificates
  5. Verify that the configuration is operational.
    localhost# openssl verify  /var/opt/SUNWldm/trust/${REMOTE}.pem
    /var/opt/SUNWldm/trust/remote-hostname.pem: OK
  6. Restart the ldmd daemon.
    localhost# svcadm restart ldmd