Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.2 Administration Guide

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Updated: May 2015

Virtual Domain Information Command and API

The virtinfo command enables you to gather information about a running virtual domain. You can also use the Virtual Domain Information API to create programs to gather information related to virtual domains.

    The following list shows some of the information that you can gather about a virtual domain by using the command or API:

  • Domain type (implementation, control, guest, I/O, service, root)

  • Domain name determined by the Virtual Domain Manager

  • Universally unique identifier (UUID) of the domain

  • Network node name of the domain's control domain

  • Chassis serial number on which the domain is running

For information about the virtinfo command, see the virtinfo(1M) man page. For information about the API, see the libv12n(3LIB) and v12n(3EXT) man pages.