Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.2 Administration Guide

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Updated: May 2015

Flag Definitions

The following flags can be shown in the output for a domain (ldm list). If you use the long, parseable options (–l –p) for the command, the flags are spelled out for example, flags=normal,control,vio-service. If not, you see the letter abbreviation, for example -n-cv-. The list flag values are position dependent. The following values can appear in each of the six columns from left to right.

    Column 1 – Starting or stopping domains

  • s Starting or stopping

    Column 2 – Domain status

  • n Normal

  • t Transition

  • d Degraded domain that cannot be started due to missing resources

    Column 3 – Reconfiguration status

  • d Delayed reconfiguration

  • r Memory dynamic reconfiguration

    Column 4 – Control domain

  • c Control domain

    Column 5 – Service domain

  • v Virtual I/O service domain

    Column 6 – Migration status

  • s Source domain in a migration

  • t Target domain in a migration

  • e Error occurred during a migration