Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.2 Administration Guide

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Updated: May 2015

Migration Restrictions for Setting perf-counters

Take care when performing migrations of domains that have the perf-counters property value set.

Before you perform the migration of a domain that has the perf-counters property value set to global, ensure that no other domain on the target machine has the perf-counters property set to global.

During a migration operation, the perf-counters property is treated differently based on whether the performance access capability is available on the source machine, the target machine, or both.

    The perf-counters property value is treated as follows:

  • Source machine only. The perf-counters property value is not propagated to the target machine.

  • Target machine only. The perf-counters property value on the machine to be migrated is updated to be equivalent to perf-counters=.

  • Source and target machines. The perf-counters property value is propogated from the domain to be migrated to the migrated domain on the target machine.

For more information about the perf-counters property, see Using Perf-Counter Properties and the ldm(1M) man page.