RADIUS Clients


The API Gateway provides support for integration with remote systems over the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) protocol. RADIUS is a client-server network protocol that provides centralized authentication and authorization for clients connecting to remote services. For more details, see the RADIUS specification.

To configure a client connection to a remote server over the RADIUS protocol, under the External Connections tree node in the Policy Studio, select RADIUS Clients -> Add a RADIUS Client. This topic explains how to configure the settings the RADIUS Client dialog.

For details on how to configure a RADIUS Authentication Repository, see the Authentication Repository topic.


Configure the following fields in the RADIUS Client dialog:

  • Name:

    Enter an appropriate name for the RADIUS client to display in the Policy Studio.

  • Host name:

    Enter the host name used by the RADIUS client.

  • Client port:

    Enter the port number used by the RADIUS client.

  • RADIUS servers:

    This field displays a list of configured RADIUS servers. To add a server to the list, click Add, and complete the following fields:

    Name Name of the RADIUS server.
    Port Port number used by the RADIUS server.
    Secret Shared secret used to access the RADIUS server.
    Response timeout (sec) Response timeout in seconds before the connection to the server is closed.
    Retransmit count Number of times retransmission is attempted before the connection to the server fails.