Message Size


It is sometimes useful to filter incoming messages based, not only on the internal content of the message, but on external characteristics of the message such as size. You can use the Message Size filter to configure the API Gateway to reject messages that are greater or less than a specified size.

[Note] Note

You should not use the Message Size filter on HTTP GET requests


To configure the API Gateway to block messages of a certain size, complete the following fields:

At least:

Enter the size (in bytes) of the smallest message that should be processed in the field. Messages smaller than this size will be rejected.

At most:

Enter the size (in bytes) of the largest message that should be processed. Messages larger than the size entered here will be rejected.

Use in Size Calculation:

Select one of the following options to specify the portion of the message that is to be used when calculating the size of the message:

  • Root body only: The API Gateway calculates the size of the message body excluding all other MIME parts (attachments).

  • Attachments only: The API Gateway only calculates the size of all attachments to the message. This excludes the size of the root body payload from its calculation. The Message Size filter still works even when there are no attachments.

  • Root body and attachments: The API Gateway includes the root body together with all other MIME parts when it calculates the size of the message.

[Important] Important

The message size measured by the API Gateway does not include HTTP headers.