Read WS-Addressing


The WS-Addressing specification defines a transport-independent standard for including addressing information in SOAP messages. The API Gateway can read WS-Addressing information contained in a SOAP message and subsequently use this information to route the message to its intended destination.


Complete the following fields to configure the API Gateway to read WS-Addressing information contained in a SOAP message.


Enter an appropriate name for the filter.

Address location:

Specify the name of the element in the WS-Addressing block that contains the address of the destination server to which the API Gateway routes the message. For more information on configuring XPath expressions, see the Configuring XPath Expressions topic.

By default, XPath expressions are available to extract the destination server from the From, To, ReplyTo, and FaultTo elements. Click the Add button to add a new XPath expression to extract the address from a different location.

Remove enclosing WS-Addressing element:

If this option is selected, the WS-Addressing element returned by the XPath expression configured above is removed from the SOAP Header when it has been consumed.